Run Streak Continues!

So I was cruising on in to the finish of the Runner’s World Run Streak before my injury… I managed to run at least a mile per day even while traveling in the cold, snowy mountains of Alberta, Canada. One mile per day (minimum) from Thanksgiving to New Years… and here I was just a week away from the finish!


I obviously can’t finish the streak myself, but on Christmas day the role kinda candidly switched… I asked if anyone had a mile to donate that day, and Raquel jumped to offer :-) And Crystal later mentioned she and her husband had dedicated their miles to me that day too!

The next day Howard told me I could “steal” one of his, and Melissa set out specifically to run just for me! Kathleen offered to run some trails for me in the morning today!

WELL, my friends!…. I’m super honored and excited to finish this run streak with your help – some of you I don’t even know in person! I can’t thank you enough!! And I plan to truly just “borrow” these donated miles – I want to PAY YOU BACK!

I’m going to run every single mile you donate to me, as soon as I’m able to lace those sneakers back up! Please let me know if you have an extra mile in you one day before New Years that I can borrow! I only need one per day, but I’ll savor each and every mile you’ve got! And I’ll be thinking of you when I run them back for you :-)


Raquel, Crystal, Joe, Jen, Kathleen, Howard, Amanda E, Amanda M, Nicole, Rachel, Brad, Beth, Sara, Deb, Jay, Chris, Danielle, Cheryl, Megan, Laura, Mary, Sean, Heather and Tracey!

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