Rockin’ the Canadian Rockies

Still enjoying a relaxing and beautiful week in the Canadian Rockies!

I did a bit of driving around today, and it made me think of the summer I was here in 2011. I’m not sure I ran at all during that time? I know my walking commute was down and up a mountain every day (ish), and I certainly did some hiking, but I really should have explored the river paths at a runner’s pace. It’s such an active town!

This past December I was in the middle of the Runners World holiday run streak, and MAN were those some gorgeously snowy runs!

I love hangin’ with my buddies out here! These photos show a bit of pubbing, meeting the newest little Canadian, sipping coffee at the local hangouts and more. We’ve had lunch dates, we’re photographing two weddings, and tomorrow’s a day at the ski hill! (me and my ACL will be focusing on après all day)

A little funny is how much I’ve been snuggling with Baby Morris, quite the adorable 8-week old mountain man! I’ve worked hard to maintain my no-kids attitude thus far in life, so let’s not tell anyone just how many photos and videos there are of him on my phone right now!

Spring is definitely springing, though the mountains will certainly get more snow. I highly recommend you fly your butt out to Banff if you ever get the chance soon!

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