Returning to Yoga

Hope you all had a gorgeous holiday weekend! Okay, so it’s not a holiday for most of the world, but something about Christopher Columbus makes Massachusetts pretend it is… And we had a lovely one here!

Saturday started in the POURING rain with the Shipyard Pumpkinhead 10K in Mashpee, MA! A handful of good friends were there, and we were literally soaked, but let’s call it an automatic PR because I haven’t run a 10K in as long as the Internet has existed (or something like that).

I then made it off to my husband’s Cape Cod Rugby match, and joined for their post-match drink-up! I hardly ever get to attend because of wedding season, but it was a lot of fun and an excellent match!

Sunday consisted of a couple of dog photo-sessions, which are a nice relief this time of year, and then a meditative kind of evening chopping vegetables, cooking chili, rolling homemade dough, and baking an apple pie! My brother-in-law came to town for the evening, so it was a nice treat to catch up with him!

Monday morning is the bigger highlight of the weekend… after a lovely morning walk with the dogs on the beach, I got a text from my pals Danielle and Allison that they were heading to an 11am yoga class. YOGA? *gasp* I haven’t been back to yoga since my injury and surgery last winter. I’ve been waiting and waiting to find the right instructor who could help with my injury or any variations that might be best. But I haven’t been actively looking, probably out of fear it wouldn’t go well. Seeing their text on a relaxed and beautiful holiday morning was just the thing I needed!

It was an incredible class, at Innerglow Yoga in Mashpee Commons. The instructor actually tore her meniscus two weeks ago, so while that’s sad for her, it was perfect for me. I certainly took it easy in a few poses, but almost nothing hurt! And as the true yoga cryfest that I am, I totally cried about 3/4 of the way through class…  Does anyone else cry with yoga? Ha ha ha…. 

SO happy to have gotten that initial “first-class” out of the way and to start dreaming of a regular practice again this off-season!

To close out the weekend, Gary and I had a wonderful dinner at The Pilot House along the Cape Cod Canal, and then walked along the canal for a bit during sunset time. I finished a book and almost finished knitting a shawl I started in January.

Great end to a great weekend!

Things I learned for running in the rain? Wear a hat, and wear as few layers of clothing as possible! Excellent tips I’m glad I heard before the 10K. Did you run in the rain this weekend? Any additional tips to share?

Hope you had a wonderful fall weekend where you are!

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