Recovery Races

If you’re anywhere on the Innernets, then you may have caught this, but I’m starting to make some official race plans for the rest of 2014 as my ACL heals!

My only real goal was to fit in two half marathons, given my inability to do a full, and so I can keep up appearances with the 26.2 sticker on my car (13.1 + 13.1 = 26.2, get it?).

I’m slightly tempted to change Philly to the full. I mean… I don’t have to run at full speed, right?? But quick self-diagnosing on the aforementioned Innernets suggest my ligament needs at least a full year to recover. If I can get up the nerves to mention it to my doc in my 6-month check-up next month, you’ll be the first to know! I’m so excited that a bunch of friends are going to be in Philly that weekend though, and I already know I’m in love with running through the City of Brotherly Love!

Holding on icy winter plans for now… but looking gloriously forward to starting my training for the Vermont City Marathon on the one-year anniversary of my surgery in January!

Many of you suffered a winter injury setback as well… how are you doing at getting back into a summer of running?

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