Race Week on Cape Cod!

So here’s the thing… I’m running my first post-ACL-surgery half marathon this Saturday. There are a few things I figured I should probably admit to you about this.


First, the Cape Cod Half-Marathon is not mentally my goal or “comeback” race for this fall – the Philadelphia Half-Marathon is, in late November. I’m running Cape Cod just because I love it, because friends are, and because I’m honored to be part of the committee for the events this weekend!

Also, I’ve never trained for a half marathon before. I’ve run them, plenty of times, but I’ve never trained for them. Some I’ve foolishly run every June with just a few week’s thought to it (Fairfield, CT), and many have just fallen into a timeframe when 13 miles was more of a training run or post-marathon comfort level. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk who can run 13 miles at the drop of a hat – I just mean I’ve never TRAINED.

This time, however, I’m ultimately brand new to running (again). I printed out a basic training plan from Hal Higdon. I didn’t follow it to a T, but it’s mostly on my current running schedule anyway. I increased mileage week over week. And I wanted to make sure I was logging the proper long-runs on the weekends, which I did. Until 11 miles a couple of weeks ago.

Sadly, my knee has been hurting ever since. It hasn’t stopped, even with days off of running. When I did keep running, some runs felt amazing. I even started including some speedwork! But walking and sleeping has continued to be painful. At run club last week, I pulled my opposite groin very painfully. I think I’m compensating in my gait for the pain in my knee – in a way that I haven’t been the last few months. I thought I had it dialed in, no limping. But I appreciate my groin sending me that little reminder to focus!


Obviously I checked in with Dr. Google about my specific pain, and basically what she told me was: “Lady, it ain’t your running. You know how you’ve been working your ass off through the very busiest of wedding season and sitting at your computer for 16 hours a day for the last 4-5 weeks? Well you haven’t been to the gym or doing strength work as much as you had all year. Running and then sitting on your butt isn’t enough.”

I didn’t need a professional opinion – I needed Google to tell me to shut the eff up.

This past Saturday was my very last wedding of the year! I absolutely love what I do, but somehow it’s always timed so perfectly that I photograph weddings right up until the last possible “Cupid Shuffle” I could ever possibly stand. And now It’s time to hit the GYM.

Will I run the half on Saturday? Well, since I have friends all around, know the course (and pubs) like the back of my hand, and the people in the saggin’-wagon are considered my colleagues… yes. I’ll be there. I will run slower than slow, and I’ll quit at will. No pressure. But I’m going to put some hard work in at the gym in the meantime this week!

I hope you had an excellent weekend! HUGE congrats to my friend Bekah on her amazing BQ (Boston Marathon qualifier) at the Bay State Marathon on Sunday!!

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