Our Christmas Card!

Just a little peek at our family Christmas card this year!


This was a folded vertical card, so what you’re looking at above is the back and the front… and the inside below is from a shadow we captured of our family of four on the beach this winter!


What’s funny – or not so funny – to me is that I’m a photographer by profession, and our card is pretty much all iPhone and Instagram photos! But who cares, photography is photography, and I love that we all have a camera in our pockets these days. Our card shows a full year of fun and adventure (and so many of our friends and family still have no idea what Instagram is ;-))!

Do you do anything fun and thought-out for your holiday card each year? I’m always lucky I can pull anything together when I’m photographing other people’s families and designing wedding albums this time of year.

Merry Christmas! PHEW! It’s almost behind us, but we’re excited to share a great New Years with friends later this week!

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