On the other side!

Happy May Day!

I was packing up to leave for 8am PT this morning when my husband mentioned our health insurance changes today. And… physical therapy is no longer covered. Say what??

I drove to PT anyway, and they knew already (before me?), so we had a quick little meeting of the minds. I’m 14 weeks post-op at this point, feeling strong, and I’m at the gym five days a week already. I think typical insurance coverage is 12 weeks anyway, but I had been extended with a slightly-exaggerated “athlete” note from my doctor. So, it was decided! I’m DONE!

I’m certainly willing to continue doing the work! I’ve been at this therapy thing for four months total now – the warm-ups, the TRX, the agility drills, the leg presses, the pool, and *gasp*, the box jumps… And My PT, Eric, is helping me with an extended program to work on. Sure, that was a weird, quick, unexpected exit, but I went over to the gym side and did my whole workout as planned! I love having these guys in the same place as I continue on my own!


(above “in training”shirt for the Vermont City Marathon, which I’ve deferred to May 2015)

As I finished on the elliptical and got to the indoor track for my agility work, it totally hit me. My eyes were watering up. I’ve been “injured” for four months now, and this has been the first week where I’ve actually forgotten about my knee a handful of times. I hobbled in there on crutches to start the new year. I built strength before surgery, and showed up again three days after surgery. I made it to every appointment. It was painful. But I regained confidence in simply walking again. I learned exercises and worked muscles that I’ve never paid attention to before.

Today I am a much stronger and more grateful woman.

I’m not running any great distances yet, and I honestly still have lots of work to do for the next year ahead. I will strengthen these muscles for the rest of my life. Today feels like an incredible sense of accomplishment though. I’m on the other side! Whoa.

Almost time to start checking upon the race calendars again! Thank you for all your good cheer on social media today, friends!

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