On the Upswing!

I was playing around with my Garmin stats the other day and came to this graph:

Yeah…. WHOOSH!! is the sound of me falling down that slide in the last week of December. Torn ACL. But I’m so happy and proud to see that next curve building upward, and already more than 17 miles in just this first 6 days of August!

Hubs and I ran a local (like 2 miles away) 5K race this past weekend, and I think I might have PR’d overall – not just the two minute PR since knee surgery, but for real. I’ve never really “raced” 5Ks, and you may already know that I never paid attention to PRs before this year… but the Garmin says I ran 9 seconds faster than ever (12 months), so let’s call it a PR!

And THIS week I officially broke away from my PT training program (running every other day, not to exceed 45 minutes) and on to my own sweet running freedom! I conned four other girls into adding a 4th mile at run club in Mashpee last night, and then I got up and ran 5.5 miles with former-Instagram-only friend Bekah in Chatham today!

(Mere coincidence that there are 4 people in this photo from the pub. These are not the aforementioned four girls, and Kyle is not a girl.)

Do I seem overly pumped about something not very pump-ful? Here’s the deal, post-surgery:

  • First time running over 45 minutes / over 5 miles
  • First time running two days in a row
  • Fastest paces – 8:30s in the 5k and 9:10s today

While we’re talking firsts… here’s my first GoPro action shot from Bekah! (we actually have a GoPro too, maybe I should figure it out…ya’ll have been rockin’ these on Instagram!)

A wonderful week of running, and a welcome to August! Enjoy yours!

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