Not feelin’ it.

The last week has been a rough one for my running. The weather has been great and humidity lifting, so I really really WANT it to be awesome for running, but somehow I’ve bumped up against this 3-mile distance hurdle. I just don’t feel it for more than that, and honestly, it’s kinda been a miracle to even get out the door in the first place.

Tonight I came in from a run and immediately instagrammed this photo and whine-fest, and then I wanted to smack myself looking at it. WHY couldn’t I enjoy a simple 3-mile run? (And WHY did I bring hydration? Ha ha…. I wasn’t sure how long I would go for). Granted I hit the elliptical already this morning for a bit, but really… what is up with my running lately?

Falmouth was tough on me this year, as you know, so maybe it’s a little lingering negativity. But I think – as much as it pains me to admit it – I can definitely blame my nutrition as well. We’ve had a pretty empty veggie drawer this week and I didn’t go shopping. That left me alone (hubs was traveling for work) with my carbs – popcorn, a couscous salad, pasta, pizza at run club, pizza with friends… I’m usually so good with my veggies!

So, lesson learned. Time to guzzle a smoothie and get ready for a longer 6 miles this weekend, because the countdown is on to the Cape Cod Half Marathon in October! (almost sold out, fyi!)

Side note: I’ve been watching videos and podcasts from The Ginger Runner all week! Such a cool perspective as he shoots with his GoPro while running races and ultras – highly recommended!

And you – have a great weekend yourself!

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