Nine Weeks After Surgery

Nine weeks post-op!

This week has brought some great happenings in the world of ACLs!

(1) I came back from Banff stronger than I left, which means I vacationed properly! I’m moving like a normal human being! Walking around, making quick decisions, folding up my legs on the couch… ALMOST sleeping through the night on my side without grabbing a pillow to put between my legs.

(3) My insurance agreed to cover two more months of PT! This may not be as exciting to those if you who’ve had four months of physical therapy before, but Harvard Pilgrim would have cut me off this week – after 60 consecutive days per injury. I was warned they would throw up a big argument, but I got a new prescription and [aggressive] letter from my doc this week, and to the surprise of us all, they agreed to cover through May!

(4) I ran in the pool today! I’ve been using an “aqua jogger” type of belt throughout my entire rehab, but today I ran on my own two feet in the shallow end – no floaty! (is it funny I’m channeling Deena Kastor from the Spirit of the Marathon?)

Outside of all that, I seem to have come home with a cold virus – the endless nose-blowing kind of cold. Thank you, airplanes and airports across the continent! (said in a Jimmy Fallon tone) And I have officially – sadly – given up my running spot for the Ragnar Cape Cod relay… mostly just because someone else wanted it, and it’s not fair for me to hang on when I’m not back fully running yet. I’m still joining these great gals as Team Captain and hosting some epic slumber parties!

I’m back to the Internets now, in the good ol’ U. S. of A. Though I’m sure you didn’t miss me much if you’ve found me on Instagram at @capecodrunner​ or my personal/photography account @staceyhedman!

Hope you’re enjoying the close of March where you live!

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