New Year, New Strength

Happy New Year!!

This morning we stuck to our plans for a wonderful group trail run! I wasn’t able to run, of course, but it was important to me to show up – both physically and mentally. My hubs and dog joined the run, and I sat in the car with the window down to enjoy the sunshine and chill air. I looked out over the pond and focused on all the positives that lie ahead in 2014.

The thing is… people tear their ACLs all the time. Sometimes just getting off the couch. Not everyone has a “thing”. A reason to push forward. A year ago I was just a casual runner who barely got out there once a week in winter. I’m not sure if I had torn my ACL then that I would feel the way I do today.

I’m looking at physical therapy for more than 6-9 months ahead, and full recovery over a year. I won’t be able to run for something like 4-6 months. But I’m a RUNNER, and that will make all the difference in these grueling months ahead. I have something to work for. I have a destination. I’m closer to my body than ever before. I’ve never been more grateful for running in my life.

I wish for you – for everyone out there – to have that point on the horizon that you are always striving for. Something that keeps YOU moving forward, even when obstacles arise. Today is one of those days to savor such things. Enjoy your journey!

Happy 2014!!

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