New Sneaks

The perspective of this photo cracks me up, and I almost feel bad for those Mizuno Wave Rider 16s that served me so well through my first marathon! I should have lifted them up on the pedestal (shoebox) instead!

I tried to wait for the new Wave Rider 17s coming out this month, but my right foot has been killing me… and, well, just about the most embarrassing thing ever (not really), it seems my feet have grown a whole foot size bigger since the marathon! GASP! Literally the same shoe, the same style year, and I walked out with the big ones this time.

Thanks for a great night at run club, Bayside Runner (Thursday nights at 6:15pm in Yarmouth), and for hookin’ this lady up with her next marathon training shoe!

My “in training” running shirt arrived in the mail today from the Vermont City Marathon! Such a cool idea…

How are your feet doing today? Tell them my feet say hello!

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