Mullet Marathon Men

Tonight’s registration and pick-up for the High-Five 5K deserves its own shout out on the blog! Hosted by the Mullet Marathon Men, you can’t just expect a race bib, but a whole ensemble!


Sunglasses, tube socks, sweat band, wrist bands, American flags and a rockin’ t-shirt!

Registration included half-off appetizers at Hemispheres when picking up our numbers the night before, so Gary and I both got our favorite fish nuggets and a cocktail!


Sooo…. there’s this teeny tiny little thing about me having to run 20 miles on my training schedule tomorrow, so guess who’s starting this run at 6am! 10 miles by myself before two girlfriends hop in for 7 more, and then the grand finale 3 miles while giving high-fives to everyone in the neighborhood of Sandwich, MA! Sounds pretty awesome to me!


These guys rock with such great spirit, many laughs, and always running for charity! I’ve seen two or three of them in several of my races across Cape Cod, but you might find them in your neck of the woods too!

Stay tuned for more as I don my fancy tube socks and sweat band tomorrow! I’m looking forward to the after party, in celebration of my longest-ever 20 miles too. Get out there and give some high-fives this weekend!

Any hysterical road races in your town? Shout out a link!

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