Moving Forward!

This week is my sixth week after ACL surgery, and I checked in for my second follow-up with the surgeon this morning!

Amazing news: NO MORE BRACE!!

Okay seriously, I had NO idea that this was going to happen. I know I follow up again in six more weeks, and I generally just assumed that would be when I could ditch the brace. Up till now, I’ve had the brace fully locked in the straight position for my meniscus tear, so I just figured there was some in-between stage with a bendy brace for another little while. But NO!

I’m a little insecure and slow walking still, but I had honestly been getting around at home¬†without the brace already – because it’s annoying as heck and always falling down. And I had already unlocked the brace a little over a week ago, at least when getting around more.

But no brace entirely? I’m so psyched!

Two little milestones I’ve enjoyed around home since my Week 1 and Week 2 blog posts…

  1. Sometime during the fourth week, I think, I was finally able to step into the shower. Before that, I was sitting on the side of the tub and swinging myself over, ha!
  2. These last four days, I’ve been walking up the stairs with both legs. No more left-left-left foot shuffling – now the right leg can pull me up too! (not yet on the way down though)

Lovely walking at least on the pavement along the beach this weekend!

Only minor issue this week is my extension. I’ve been focusing so much of my homework on bending my knee, but I’m still a few degrees away from fully extending my leg. We’re upping the PT for the next two weeks, and all should be fine :-)

More snow on the way this week, but I’m happy to see my pals are able to run outdoors more and more now! Hope your winter training is going great!

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