Marathon Number Four

Long story short: I registered for the 2017 Vermont City Marathon today!

Long story long:

Around 2011: Amanda and I had a few margaritas and registered for VCM from the floor of my living room. Later the same day, I remembered we’d be in California for a friend’s wedding and I wouldn’t be able to run it.

2013: I finished my first marathon ever, the Cape Cod Marathon, and immediately registered for another VCM. I went to college near Burlington, Vermont and lived there a few years longer. One of my favorite towns on the planet, and it made sense that if I ever ran two marathons, it would be both Cape Cod and Vermont.

I tore my ACL that December 24th and wasn’t able to run. I deferred my VCM registration till the following year.

2015: VCM was a huge motivation for me in my healing, and training was going to start exactly one year after my injury. Because of my job with the Falmouth Road Race, however, I was ecstatic to get a bib for Boston as well. When combined with training for the Martha’s Vineyard 20-Miler, I was one exhaaaauuusted runner come VCM day. I ran it, but I hated the sport of running for approximately 19 miles of it.

If you’re paying attention to the characters in the story, Amanda (see margaritas above) was there cheering along Church Street because her now-fiance was running the marathon too!

2016: Swapping it up, Amanda and my husband Gary decided to run VCM! It was an honor for me and her man Kris to be on the sidelines cheering for them this time around! Crazy heat meant the race was cancelled in the 4th hour, but they both still crossed the finish line soon after.

2017: Yup, drinking with Amanda again. We started talking game like all four of us were going to run together this year. We ran 2×2, so this year should be all four of us, right? Low and behold, our friend Katie jumps in too (there was a lot of wine that night), and she wants to check 26.2 off her bucket list! Whaaaat? Add Gemma to the text list.

Registered. Five months and….. GO!

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