Longest Distance Ever

I ran 20 miles today! Whoa, that’s definitely my longest distance ever, but then again, I’ve been saying that a lot these days ;-)

It started out at 6am in the dark and rain along the Cape Cod Canal. I had packed a few clothing options for the morning ahead, and found myself adding my long-sleeve shirt and reflective vest in the parking lot. It was an 8 mile journey alone, watching dozens of fishermen sticking it out in the foul weather for the fall run of bass.


I wanted to get 10 miles done, but the rain and an extra long search for my head-lamp prevented that. No worries, more to come!

Back on the beach, Crystal and Stef were there to join me just before 8am! They both had their own mileage to conquer today, and we set out for 7 hills miles together now that the rain had passed.


With the bulk of our miles behind us, it was back to the beach and the start of the High-Five 5K, hosted by the Mullet Marathon Men! As you know from last night’s post, tube socks were a staple in the attire – what a hysterical final three miles of a 20 mile day! Gary joined too, so nice to have my old running buddy along.

Warm-up calisthenics!


And a final pose with my training partners! (before Stef and I headed out to make up the last remaining miles to our goals, oompf!)


I shocked myself again with another quick run. 20 miles at a 9:14 minute pace!

So now I’m done with the longest training run of my entire marathon training plan, and it oddly feels like the end entirely. I’m not ready for it to be over! Yes, of course I have three more weeks to go, but my taper happens quickly. Next week’s long run is only 12 miles, and after that just 8. The marathon itself will be sooo exciting, but I’m already nervous about the day after. What then?

Best spring marathons you recommend? Tee hee…

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