Life Lately: October

Hey-yo! How’s your October shaping up?

I’m incredibly jealous of all the beautiful fall racing going on out there! Wish I had signed up for at least one medal-earning jaunt this season! Here’s a little summary of where I’ve been…

AugustI had been working in the office for 3+ months, and the Falmouth Road Race was finally here! It was a fantastic opportunity and fantastic group of people to be part of, but within just one week of the event, I was practically nauseous with stress about my full-time job and livelihood of photography. I was quickly immersed in my busiest time of the year…

SeptemberTHE busiest time of my year for photography. Shooting, shooting, shooting and barely finding time to edit the photos. We had two weeks of house guests coming and going (amazing house guests, of course!). All the while, I was still making time for about two runs per week – topping out at 6 miles with my friend Carrie as she trained for her first half marathon! I also spontaneously started the Whole 30 Challenge!

OctoberImmediately feeling relief that my in-season weddings were now done, only in the sense that I would now have an additional day of editing time at the computer each week. Soooo much to edit. But it has helped me to let up a bit and still make time for hikes, the long routes home, sitting on the couch with my husband (who I hardly see in summer)… I leave for a month of yoga teacher training in ONE WEEK, though, so the pressure is still on to close things up. I have been making sure to prioritize yoga over running right now as well, because I’m a little nervous to begin my program! running quoteMentally, some big changes!

  • I’m outsourcing my wedding edits, after a bit of analysis on the things I could be doing with that time. It’s worth the financial and time investment of “training” my new team for my style – and so far it’s been great!
  • We’re outsourcing dog care as well! Cajun just went to his first day of doggy daycare and did great! We’re excited to have some help on keeping him tired, socialized and entertained – as well as a familiar place to go when we need weekend care. Phew!
  • I’ve begun interviewing to return to corporate life in Boston! I quit my career path in 2012 to pursue photography full-time, and I will never regret that incredible opportunity and experience of owning my own business! In fact, I will continue to shoot about five weddings per year. But being the boss is quite hard too, and more importantly, there’s something I truly miss about working among the world’s most influential brands. Interviews so far have gotten me even more excited!

So that’s the QUICK version… but I’m ready to really dedicate some time back to this blog, particularly while I’m at YTT. I will certainly come back and expand on things like the Whole 30, working for the Falmouth Road Race, and more!

In the meantime, I’m also back on social media duty for the upcoming Cape Cod Marathon, Relay & Half this month! See you out there!

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