Joining the Marathon Committee!

I’m soooo excited to be welcomed onto the Cape Cod Marathon Committee this year, managing all social media for the three events of the weekend – half marathon, relay and full marathon!

Cape Cod Marathon, Half & Relay | October 25-26th in Falmouth, MA

You know I love running, and you probably know I’m a photographer… but many of you may not know I have an MBA and 15-year career in international marketing strategy. A big part of my focus was in social and experience marketing. I actually LOVED my career, but the push to quit and follow my photography passion came mostly from the fact that I hated my last job. So I still do practice a lot of what I know, through my own business now and even through the Cape Cod Runner brand!

The opportunity to merge my loves – running and marketing, and even my photography! – is HUGE! And the Cape Cod Marathon was my first-ever marathon last fall, not to mention I’ve run the relay about five times before that. So we have ties. We’re buds.

I might also quickly revisit my experience last year… not to harp on it, but I blogged about it then (and they found it). There was absolutely no Twitter presence on an existing Twitter account for the race, and the last Facebook post was two months prior to the race. The team had no time for it, understandably, and no one dedicated to the task. It is my hope and plan to turn that around in full! I’ve been checking out best-practices from other races, and I’m ready to implement the best from other brands and industries too. We’re gonna have some FUN and interaction! Hopefully you’ve noticed a change already!

Come follow along!




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Huge thanks also to my friend and fellow photographer, Tom, who directs the Falmouth Main Street Mile, for helping to bring me in to this role!

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