Joined the Gym!

Dusting off the cobwebs today!

The photo below was taken after dumping out my bag of “December 25th” gear. December 25th was the day after I tore my ACL on a trail run, and of course it was Christmas Day, when I opened some great new running gifts! Sadly, all of these things got stuffed into a bag/corner, because I barely even made it back upstairs for a couple of weeks. Running would be a distant future prospect…


Before December 25th, I was running the Runners World run-streak every single day. Which means that not everything stuffed into this bag was entirely freshy-clean! Eewwww…. Mostly just the gloves and hats though. Other things, like a few pairs of Injinji socks, were still in store packaging as Christmas gifts!

But today I dumped that bag out on the bed! I took those socks out of their packaging! It’s almost time to charge the Garmin back up! I joined the GYM!


I belonged to a cheap, gross gym when I got hurt, and I quit that gym right after. I’ve been in physical therapy for three months, at least twice per week, including the month before surgery. I still have two months to go as well, but I officially wanted to get back in there to work the rest of my body. The glutes and hamstrings that are gonna protect this injury. My abs and upper body. Some extra cardio and pool time as I work to bring back my heart rate and conditioning! It’s spring time, and ACL hibernation is OVER!


I’ve been a member of a gym fairly consistently since college, but I’ve thus far avoided any “personal trainer” type of scenario. Well, I’m happy to say that it’s required of this gym (the same gym as my PTs), and you don’t even get the key tag until you complete your first evaluation meeting. So I’m being forced into it, and I’m glad! I needed some refreshed, formal structure, and I certainly need to study up on the new TRX suspension systems!

I can’t help but notice how many of you have suffered an injury this winter. Not entirely quick and easy injuries either. My thoughts are with all of you as we tackle these challenges together!

How are you doing with injury? Have you been working hard and gaining momentum just in time for spring? I can’t wait to join you back on the running roads!

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