Independence Day 5K

Hooray! My first road race back after tearing my ACL in December!

Gary and I, along with a couple of friends, got up early this July 4th to run the Independence Day 5K in Plymouth, MA. I have already been running the distance, but thought it’d feel pretty good to slap on a bib and join a crowd on a sweaty morning run! And it did!

I honestly don’t often run 5Ks, because they can be up to $30 and more than 30 minutes of driving for just a 30-minute run. But I do understand they’re an entire strategy of their own, and the challenge of running faster for less time can be pretty thrilling. I think I’d like to do more when my speed is back!

The Independence Day 5K with Wicked Awesome Productions was in its second year, and it was a really nice point-to-point course! It would have typically ended with the 4th of July parade as well, but that had been postponed this year due to the storm. 

Ironically, the start line was in front of an old, abandoned Wal-Mart… that’s ‘Murica right there. We ran right down Main Street (I love Plymouth’s restaurants and bars!) and finished on the water at Plymouth Rock! (where the Pilgrims landed, sorta. Long story.) There were huge, misting fans set up at the finish, and plenty of water – cause it was a hot and humid day for sure!

The race shirt was this cool tank top, and I think last year’s inaugural race had these in red. I’ve never gotten a tank top before, and I’m okay with it, but the men had no interest (at least the guys I was with). The race organizers did say it was a singlet, which it wasn’t. It’s a cotton tank top. But hey, I’m happy! There were also plenty of American flag goodies and tattoos at registration.

We walked back up to Main Street and had a great hydrating brunch with friends at T-Bones Road House! They even have a Gatorade cocktail called the “Rejuvenator”!

Official time for us crossing the finish together was 28:28. My knee felt pretty great!

Where did you run this 4th of July?

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