If Everybody Ran

What if everybody ran?

I won a pair of my beloved Mizuno Wave Rider sneakers the other day during a Twitter chat, hosted by Mizuno and FitFluential!

Mizuno posed the question: “What If Everybody Ran?” Click that link right there for an incredible video full of statistics… including fun ones like 135 million more victory beers and 63 million happier dogs!

If you’re not a Twitter fan, you’re probably missing some awesome giveaways too. The most common one is Sunday nights using the hashtag #runchat for one hour, moderated with a sponsor and 5-6 questions that everyone answers and discusses. But anyway, I don’t usually ever hope to win or even know what the prizes are, but the fact that I was one of the three random winners of the very same sneaker brand I run it – that was awesome! I got to pick my shoe of choice, and these are them!

If you ARE on Twitter, you can find me at @staceyhedman!


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