Cheering on friends at the Hyannis Marathon and Half! Congrats too all those finishers here on Cape Cod, and up at the race I was originally slotted for, the Half at the Hamptons in NH!

My knee is currently up in the air with ice on it, because it’s been a great, active weekend all around! So nice to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

Yesterday, I drove my car for the first time in about 10 weeks! I really have no where to go, odd as that seems now, but it felt pretty ground-breaking to get behind the wheel and take myself somewhere (for coffee)! Then my girlfriends come to whisk me away for the afternoon, and we walked around to some shops and a bit of pub crawling into the evening.

This morning we were up and out for some brunch and cheering from Craigville Beach! It’s so fun to cheer on other runners, no matter how much you wish you could join them! We were screaming and clapping the entire time. It drives me crazy when the fans are quiet ;-)

And now, after a little post-race celebrating around town, the weekend (and the Olympics) is coming to a close! Today marks ONE MONTH since ACL surgery! I’m excited about the next stage of rehab and recovery!

Did you race this weekend? How do you treat these early winter races – just warming up, or setting out for a PR? I’d love to hear it! Some folks are sharing their weekend photos on our Facebook page!

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