Holiday Gifts 2014

I’ve never been so eager and festive so early in the holiday season! I was already lighting the balsam fir candles and watched a Christmas movie two weeks before Thanksgiving ;-) But now that we’ve officially made it past turkey, it’s game on for the all the music and tree decorating too!

How did you take advantage of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday this year? Plans for Cyber Monday? Personally, I’d pay full price for something – and always local! – before I’m up for the challenge of traffic, parking and crowds these days. But it’s a great time to start thinking of the perfect gift for the runners in my life! – and in yours!


My absolute favorite picks to gift your runner this season!

  • Winter Running Gear: gloves, hats, headbands, you name it! We like colors and options, so pick something that will make us think of you when we pull it on! I just snagged an awesomely run-perfect Skida hat, made in Vermont!
  • Yurbuds: Not fair that Yurbuds keeps innovating, because now I want the new magnet ones that reduce tangling! These earphones never ever fall out while running – the best!
  • Socks: Seriously, it’s a cliche holiday gift, but like my friend at Live, Run, Grow points out, we runners live by our socks – and they’re not cheap! My absolute favorites are Injinji and Darn Tough (from Vermont too!)
  • Erica Sara Designs: The most beautiful jewelry, completely customizable for your race, distance or favorite motto! I haven’t taken my necklace off since my first time to 26.2 last fall! This will go right to her heart.
  • Handheld Gadgets: Simple $20-30 gifts for your runner, I personally love the Nathan Hydration handhelds, Ultimate Direction belts and packs, Armpocket phone carriers, or the Flipbelt to carry anything and everything (I love this for the gym). Every run requires something a little different, so these are fun gifts for any runner!
  • Road ID: A serious must for every runner or biker! Go ahead and make one on the website, or gift your loved one the option of customizing their own. These are fun AND will save your life!
  • Nutrition: so many fun options for stocking stuffers here! Maybe you know your runner’s favorite, or maybe you want to help them try something new! You can peek back to my Favorite Fuels for Running post, or there’s one I’ve been hoping to try soon myself – Tailwind Nutrition (individual sample packs)
  • ShowerPillThese are handy-dandy disposable body wipes that are perfect for those times we head to brunch after a run with friends! And, technically, you benefit a lot from this one too ;-)
  • Flyer Jacket: If you grab one pricer option to make that woman in your life swoon, she definitely needs this incredible layer from Oiselle! The perfect layer for all the weather from fall till spring!

Some of the above are my affiliate links to, but I always recommend stopping in your local running source too – they know best!

What are your favorite goodies for the holidays? Feel free to add to the comments section and then —-> give this post a sneaky LIKE on Facebook <—- so that everyone you know gets the hint! *wink wink!*

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