Hoka is my One One

I’ve been wearing Mizuno sneakers for road and trail for the last couple of years, but I’m happy to report I’ve made the switch this training season. I’ve moved my entire sneaker arsenal over to Hoka One One!

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If you pay attention to the trail and ultra running world, you’ll hear the word Hoka QUITE a lot, but it’s still relatively new to us here on Cape Cod flatland. Thankfully, our amazing Tuesday night run club at Marathon Sports Mashpee always has the best sponsors, and we got to run in some Hoka gear and meet our rep Justin about six months back! The Hoka shoes are a little different, so it meant the word to me to be able to run a few miles in them before making my first purchase.

And purchase I did! I snagged a pair of the amazing Cliftons over the fall and have definitely been noticing how gentle they are after knee surgery. I took it slow on building miles in them because of the vertical drop difference from my usuals. Hokas are minimalist in drop, and maximalist in cushion, so don’t get all hyped up about which team to choose – choose them both! When 2015 hit, I was officially ready to jump in for all of my training! My knee is definitely happy and my long runs are feeling amazing!

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and I wore shorts today!!

Road: I’m grabbing another pair of Cliftons this week, which are the best for running fast and light! They’re also a great first-Hoka for those transitioning from other shoes. I have been loving the Bondi 4 that recently came out too – the perfect pair for logging long training miles for the two marathons I’m running this spring!

Trail: With Justin’s help, I found the Challenger ATR sold at REI (and I had a $45 dividend still to use, saweet!) – which will soon be sold anywhere. I broke these in not-so-gently via jungle and beach runs on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua, and can’t wait to use them in this coming weekend’s Cape Cod Trail Race Half-Marathon! They’re so dirty. I love them. (stay tuned for a full summer and fall on trails)

Hoka One One is repping at both Marathon Sports stores this May, so stay tuned to my Facebook page and theirs for more info! (Cinco de Mayo 5/5 in Mashpee, and a pub run in Yarmouth 5/21)

The un-disclaimer: I’ve hugged my Hoka rep hard, and may have received some free swag through my love of the brand, but I’m not compensated at all to say pretty words I don’t mean.

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