Hello, I’m a Runner

There’s a weird feeling walking into a public place without my knee brace this week. I’m having an odd sense of identity confusion. Something in me is wishing for that name tag that says “HELLO… I have a knee injury!”

Is it about the knee? All the people who strike up conversations with me? Those who open the door for me or who patiently allow me to cross the road?

Maybe it’s about the running? Most of the events I’m at lately involve runners and running companies. I’m attending run clubs, ladies nights and pub runs with my husband and friends who are running, but the people who don’t know me might think I’m lazy?

Even walking over into the coffee shop, how will anyone know I’m an active person? That my slow walking, careful steps, or those extra few pounds I’ve gained… that I’m not normally this person?

No matter how I feel this first week without the brace, I’d much rather my name tag say I’M A RUNNER! So cheers to that happening sooner rather than later! I’m about half way there!

How do you identify yourself? What do you hope people understand about you when you walk into a room? Is it your sport, your career, your role as a parent or artist perhaps? What’s on your name tag?

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