Healing and Taper

After 10.5 miles of Falmouth hills, and my 20-mile long run in the same few days, I found myself needing some extra healing over the past week. I took Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday to chill, but then accidentally tested some minimalist sneakers for our club run (sponsor Mizuno was there!) Tuesday evening. That sure didn’t help with my aching left calf muscles!

So it was elliptical and bike for the next few days, along with heat, ice, compression, stretching, foam-rolling and strength training (those glutes are for more than good looks!). It felt truly good to care for myself and working on healing. I’m not pro, I’m not paid to be in shape, but it’s pretty cool to pretend for a few days!

Being two weeks away from my first marathon, and having some 10 weeks of solid training (I jumped in late) behind me, I do find myself treating my legs like a temple. No tripping, no twisting… watching carefully for those tennis balls our dogs like to leave around the house!

I did get back out there, for a slower paced 4 miles on Friday and 10 miles on Saturday. I had a huge smile on my face to realize how much better my leg felt! It still wasn’t exactly what my training plan required last week, but I know it was the most perfect time to do what was needed. I’m officially tapering!

Just to be sure, I booked my first appointment with a physical therapist tomorrow, but mostly because I’m already dreaming of another marathon in the spring! Eeee!

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