Gobble Gobble Wobble

I hope you got out there for your local turkey trot this Thanksgiving!

We are here in southern Vermont with my husband’s family – pretty much our favorite spot to be on Thanksgiving when the surroundings include snow, craft fairs, a visit to the Vermont Country Store, chopping down our Christmas tree, and sipping coffee at Northshire Bookstore!

Gary and I signed up for the 8th annual Gobble Gobble Wobble at Stratton Mountain ski resort (let’s be honest, I signed us up and told him he had to go ;-)), and it was a blast! Three miles is a little too short to run when it takes a mile to warm up, but it was fun to be indoors in the ski lodge for registration, and I loved the low-key nature of the whole shebang – all the way to the finish.

Hope you got out and enjoyed a bit of fresh air on Thanksgiving day, in whichever way you love to do!

Did you inspire anyone to join you for a turkey trot this year?

What kind of cool charitable aspects did your turkey trot include? (one of our local Cape Cod ones requires a full bag of groceries)

Any fun costumes? We’re determined to step it up in this category for sure next year :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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