Goals for Philly

Rolled out of bed and into a 4 mile run this morning – before a few more with run club tonight! Still slow going around 11 minute miles at my heart rate of 142, but the last week has seen a lot of group runs that made this difficult to stick to. Two more group runs this week and then the Philly Half, but after that I want to lock it down for true heart rate training!

[insert hot shower and a cup of steaming coffee]


So YES! The Philly Half-Marathon (and Marathon) is this Sunday! I’m so excited for another runcation trip with girlfriends, this time by plane! I think my goals have changed a bit, and here’s what it’s looking like…

TIME. Quite simply, I’d like to come in under 2 hours. I did originally want to treat this one as more of a goal race, to celebrate and finish out the full 12 months since knee injury, but three recent things kinda altered that feeling:

  1. The Cape Cod Half-Marathon in October. This race was not that fun for me, but it took on the monumental role of being my first half-marathon back. I hadn’t originally planned to run this one, but ultimately, it preceded Philly by a month.
  2. My 16-miler in NYC. I’m way too happy to have run 16 miles and see those numbers keep growing! Sorry to leave you in the dust, 13.1.
  3. Heart-rate training. I’m really intrigued with this and loving it, and I don’t want to mess up any progress I’m already making. I will “race” Philly for sure, but I have no idea what all this super slow running has done to my training in the last couple of weeks.

FUN! I’m too excited to see these girlfriends than to work really hard at some crazy time goal. I want to celebrate and laugh and cocktail with the best of them! Jessica and I are flying down to stay with our friend Danielle, and Carolyn is also coming into town – that’s a strong Ragnar Cape Cod reunion! (and so many more Instagram friends in town too!) That being said, Jess is running the full 26.2, so interpret “celebrating” more from a runner’s perspective ;-) – at least before Sunday afternoon.

I’m probably more excited to cheer for Jess than I am to race my own race. She’s worked so hard to get to this day, and I know Philly is going to treat her well! Probably 90% of my speed in the half marathon on Sunday will be to get to our Mile 14 and 25 cheering section before she passes!

The biggest reason I chose Philadephia for this fall is my LOVE for the city! After spending a month in Italy in 2013, and then going for a long run on a work trip to Philly later that summer, the comparisons were just outstanding. The fountains, gardens, statues and buildings of Philly are absolutely gorgeous. I’m really looking forward to the entire 13.1 mile experience!

Are you heading to Philly this weekend? I’ll be wearing my Oiselle singlet, and later cheering at Mile 14 and 25! Hope to see you out there!

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