Get-Well Wishes!

You guys have been truly amaaaazing over these last seven weeks of couch recovery! Every day a new card arrives in the mail, and so many are a true surprise from someone I’m completely honored is thinking of me!

I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve been the best about sending get-well cards myself. Actually, any cards, and that’s a huge disappointment because I used to pride myself on it. It was already my biggest 2014 resolution, but you guys have given me an even greater push!

One friend sent me a DVD of her favorite movie, another sent me the sweetest care package that included yarn and a knitting pattern to use it! So many others have shared time on the couch to keep me company, brought flowers or treats (yay yarn, chocolates, wine, magazines!), or are even helping to drive me to appointments!

I can’t say enough THANKS to all who have made this recovery brighter. I am sooooo humbled and grateful for your friendship. You’ve done more than you know.


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