Frostbitten in Vermont

It’s currently Tuesday and we’re getting another 6-8 inches of snow on Cape Cod. Big flakes. It’s bonkers, and I love it! But also, we’re about to leave on our first warm winter vacation in years this week!

This past weekend, we left the snow and headed for the hills! That’s just weird. Since the Martha’s Vineyard 20-Miler was cancelled, we were excitedly free to head up to Waitsfield, Vermont to visit our friends Rich & Sarah and their family (Rich’s 40th birthday)! There was a constant stream of light, fluffy snow falling from the sky there too, but it was more like a movie-set backdrop.

vermont winter views

There was running, dog walking, nordic skiing, Valentinesing and a whole lot of goofing off! Just the way we like it with our pals!

walking the dogs in vermont snow  winter running in vermont

Saturday was slightly warmer for our nordic ski fun, but I may have made some bad decisions when heading out for a run Sunday morning. First, I should have worn two pairs of pants, as I only learned runners do a couple of weeks ago! And two, I need to procure some winter toe socks, because my Injinjis left a big ol’ ankle gap that got frost-bitten over my four miles. I was planning to run six, but just couldn’t bear it any longer. On the bright side, my Hoka Challenger ATRs rocked in the fresh snow, and my Skida hat has been a godsend this winter!

nordic skiing by a vermont red barn

And where else can you expect hearts carved out of Vermont cheddar cheese? Thanks Hannah and Steve! …and this guy here is my Valentine for life.

vermont cheddar valentines

We depart for Nicaragua on Friday, and we’ll be staying on a 1-square-mile island called Little Corn Island. I’m curious to see how I might run 17 miles next weekend, ha ha! Might have to let this one slide…

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Vermont! I ran a 5k in Shelburne on Saturday morning and my ankles were cold, too. All of my running socks are ankle length–oops!

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