Fitted for Sneakers

Mizuno wins!

In the running world, there seems to be a ton of sneaker identity talk. “I’m a this runner”…. or “I’m a that runner!”

I’ll go ahead and date myself, but I was an Adidas runner! When Adidas cut their focus on women’s running (like decades ago?) I slid comfortably into Asics. I haven’t been properly “fitted” since maybe high school or college… or have I ever been fitted? I think so. Remember, I’m old. I forget things.

I recently bought a pair of Nike Frees, not really intending to run 100% in them. They’re a great minimalist option and I already love them, but I’ve been talking to enough physical therapist friends lately to know I wanted something more for my current marathon training.

On this fateful August 29th day, I walked into a proper running store, measured, walked, discussed, and officially became a “Mizuno runner”!

Coincidentally, I just told friends this morning that I wanted more purple in my running attire :-) Check!

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