Falmouth Road Race 2013

Another Falmouth Road Race complete! Psyched to have pals Amanda and Courtney alongside for a beer at the finish!

I think I’ve run this race a dozen times. I wish I had kept track! But I do still have every single race bib I’ve EVER gotten… and I’m determined to track them all down by the end of the year!

This year I hadn’t registered. My husband tried to convince me that it’s so much easier to run 7 miles out our front door than to trek through the crazy traffic and buses to Woods Hole. But thankfully, race officials tweeted 350 new openings the week before and I snagged one! Love that!

Since this was also only a few days after deciding I was suddenly in Week 7 of marathon training, I skipped the whole bus thing anyway and RAN to the start, another four miles (I paid for that around Mile 6 of the midday race, total bonk).

Such a great day and community to be a part of!

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