Falmouth 2014

Today was the Falmouth Road Race!

There’s this little thing about my journey to this year’s race – mainly that I photographed a wedding outside of Burlington, Vermont until 9pm last night. I hopped in the car for the five-hour drive back to Cape Cod (which actually took me only four hours, but don’t tell anyone I said that), arriving home in the wee hours of the morning to where my friend Jess was already sleeping over!

BOOM goes the 5am alarm, and we were up and on the bus to Woods Hole with our friend Danielle too! And several other great pals once we arrived in Woods Hole.

We had a blast at the start, bumping into so many friends and meeting new ones! I wasn’t really ever feeling the run, to be honest, after spending a couple of hours in the sunshine with pals after so little sleep. And that translated to the run itself, as I felt pretty exhausted and miserable for the full 7.1 miles.

My race did NOT go well. I walked a lot, and for that I’m disappointed. I could have run easier – a slower pace – but I found myself going out way too hard and bonking early around Mile 2.5. Then repeating my mistake over and over, running and walking, running and walking.

I’ve never really been guilty of going out too hard, at least this pathetically. And I’ve hardly ever had to walk during a race. The Falmouth Road Race is old hat for me. But bleeeech. Not a great day out there today.

On the bright side, this was my longest run since ACL surgery by two miles! And today brought a group of us together who had previously only been friends on Twitter and Instagram! Yep, that’s right! Happens all the time, where I meet friends for coffee, a dog walk or a run based on our mutual interests online… Anyone who doesn’t participate in social media usually doesn’t understand how that happens, but it’s a wonderful thing to make great new friends as an adult! Today I met longtime pal, Beth, from Manhattan!

In social and in life, I have some of the coolest friends in the world to take on these challenges and adventures with! Thanks for a great day, everyone!!

CONGRATS Meredith, Jess, Danielle, Allison, Kyle, Dave, Jen, Kathy, Beth, Shannah, Megan, Stef, Amanda, Amy, Challis, Brienne, Sally, Ashley, Nicole, Chris & Peyton, Christine, Mary… and everyone who was out there in the blaring sunshine today! And holler to my main squeeze who volunteered all morning in the medical tent with the Cape Cod Rugby guys!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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