Fairfield Half Marathon 2014

This past weekend was the Fairfield Half Marathon in Fairfield, CT!

I wasn’t able to run this year, but Gary did! We’ve done this race about 4-5 times since 2007. Funny thing is, only THIS year, after the race, did we declare this needed to be an annual tradition – ha!

Gary’s brother and his family live in Fairfield, including our three adorable nieces and nephew. We love the spring-time chance to visit them! And often times, bro and/or sis-in-law will join us for the race! Then there’s our friend, Peter, who has been a blast to have along these last two years too!

In my current ACL recovery, I’m limited to running about 30 minutes. Since I lingered until the very start of the race, and we had a good parking spot, I decided to just run down the course a bit and cheer from about Mile 9.5 (with the view in the photo above!) instead of driving all around.

Gary ran a great race (1:51), and Peter supplied a great post-race tailgate! Not to be outdone by the race’s own fantastic party on the beach, complete with Hasselhof lifeguard poses!

This would have been the first real time I’ve raced this race, since I’ve been more casual about it (about training, about nutrition, about hydration…) in years past. I can’t wait to really make this an annual thing, and go balls-to-the-wall on tailgating too! (grilling, tequila, etc)

In related news, I just clicked GO on registration for the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November! In lieu of marathons this year, my goal is to finish two half marathons. The other will likely be the Cape Cod Marathon Half in October.

How are your goals shaping up for the year? We’re half way through!

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