Embarking on Yoga Teacher Training

I’m INCREDIBLY excited for the fall season ahead! Not to get too far ahead of ourselves with this beautiful summer we’re having, but sometimes those of us living in tourist destinations are simply too busy to really enjoy the same season ya’ll are enjoying. I mean, I’m enjoying it and loving where I live, but September and October are really where it’s at for the locals! Wedding photography season slows down for me, parking spots become available again, and the sun and ocean are still plenty warm enough to enjoy!

In particular, this fall I will be attending a 26-day intensive Yoga Teacher Training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the Berkshires of Massachusetts!

yoga on the beach

My friend Danielle got met to my first yoga class (and I think it was hot yoga, my fav!) about seven years ago. I cried, because that’s just how me and yoga roll. I’ve been casually practicing yoga every off-season since, but about two years ago it really started seeping into my bones. I explored the idea of teacher training and even purchased all the books, figuring that I really just wanted to deepen my own practice rather than teach others. But I only glanced at the books and my running and marathoning really took off around the same time. If I was doing something physical, it was running! Fast forward through knee surgery and four months on the couch when I really started thinking more consciously about my body, all while an incredible new studio was opening up 10 minutes from home. Finally, a warm, dark, beautiful space – Innerglow Yoga in Mashpee Commons – as a bit of contrast to the bright yellow or blue, sunshine-filled studios I’d had access to before. Innerglow and owner Michelle were exactly what I needed to move my practice further.

Run club friends were a great motivator to get into the studio last spring while I was still so worried about my knee, and they shared great experiences at Kripalu as well. I decided to check it out for a vinyasa flow weekend with Coby Kozlowski early this year. If you click that link, you’ll see I had some mixed feelings while staying at Kripalu, but I was completely moved by my teacher Coby and the beautifully small group of people in my program. I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that this is my time and my person with whom to go forward into the next step of yoga teacher training.

And then – THEN – Gary and I spent a week on a teeny tiny island in Nicaragua with a yoga studio 30 feet from the door of our bungalow. Little Corn Island changed our perspectives forever; our ideas about how we’re living life. I have so much I could and should write about that little place, but I think I will always consider it a turning point in this middle age of our lives.

yoga on the beach cape cod

Still, teacher training programs are a few thousand bucks, and it’s not my full-time career and livelihood. Plus, who did I think I was, leaving home for a month to some hippie commune in the country? But Gary has been incredibly supportive – probably because this is one of the first times I’ve thought so much about something before actually buying it ;-) And you may not have been following along far enough to know that I do often go away alone somewhere for a month at a time in the off-season. It’s maybe not that ridiculous of an idea, right? So I applied to this prestigious, international yoga institution… and a few weeks later I was accepted. GASP!!

Stay tuned for more as adventures unfold! I’ll always be Cape Cod Runner, but I can think of no better compliment to the sport. I can’t wait to get started!

Do you love yoga? How has it helped your running? Any tips as I embark on YTT?

Photos are of Yoga on the Beach with Danielle Nardi!




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