Elevation Place

Greetings from Canmore, Alberta!


I’m here outside of Banff National Park for the week to help my photographer friend Julie capture two mountain weddings! And yep, if you’ve been following along, I was just here in December to photograph a wedding of my own as well. I’m a mountain-loving ocean gal, that’s for sure! Happy to make the trip any chance I get!

But the morning I returned from the last trip, I tore my ACL, so this time around I gotta be sure to squeeze in some physical therapy too! Thankfully, an incredible rec center called Elevation Place opened up here a year ago, complete with climbing wall, cardio and weight rooms, lane pool, lazy river and water slide.

(not my photo…)

A bit swollen after being on my feet all day for yesterday’s wedding, I woke up and hit the gym! 10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes biking, some leg exercises, and then a good hour of jogging and exercises in the pool! The lazy river actually worked as great resistance, walking against the current. Too bad I had to come home to a measly ice pack instead of the pimpin’ ice compression sleeve of my actual PT clinic!


I’m so grateful for the option while I’m traveling. I’m now 8 weeks post-op and actually only have insurance coverage for therapy till the end of March (next week). I plan to officially join the gym where my PT and pool are, and keep working hard with their guidance!

Now back to mountain life! Hope you’re having a great week where you are!


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