Didn’t expect to see me?

Oh my gosh, you guys… it’s been a LONG time.

I’d like to think this is the story of every runner at some point, but the part that makes me cringe the most is that I saw it coming a mile (pun intended) away. Basically, I outran myself. You can look back if you’re really interested, but the gist is that I ran too many miles in too little time while self-employed, and then I jumped back into full-time employment for someone else. I ran the Vermont City Marathon for the second time in May of 2017, and then I didn’t run more than four miles for the next year and a half. If you’re counting, that puts us at TODAY (ish).Honestly, what brought me back to excitement level 10 is our regular Tuesday night run club. The local Marathon Sports shop closed down a month ago, and with that our club of more than six years was in question. We’re one of the raddest groups around, with 30-50 runners joining per week, so how could we ever let it go??

Well, the Cape Cod Runner community is clearly a top fav of mine, and the key word there is “community”. I love facilitating connections and employing my marketing background to make things like email newsletters, Facebook groups and weekly sponsors happen. Needless to say, we’ve seamlessly transitioned, and I simultaneously fell back in love with running!I ran a couple of times every week, sure, and Gary and I joined a local gym over the past winter. I wasn’t a complete lost cause, dammit. But this September I started stepping out for longer and longer runs and savoring every minute and every breath.

I’m off to the BAA Half Marathon this coming weekend, and the Cape Cod Half Marathon toward the end of October. Will you be there for either? Let me know!

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