Craft Brew Races Cape Cod

We had a wonderful time at the Cape Cod Beer Fest, and more specifically at the Craft Brew Races event on September 28th!

I won registration to this event last year, but had to pass it along to a friend. I was really psyched to be free this year and drag the beer-loving husband along with me!

Above, running along with my friend and Oiselle Flock teammate Jessie!

The run was a 5K, but a very short one. I think I clocked in at 2.8 miles. It was all neighborhood, nothing to write home about (wait, is that what I’m doing right now??), but a fun little jaunt with like-minded people heading toward the beer! And not every 5K gives you a [bottle-opening] medal!

The whole festival takes place on the Barnstable County Fairgrounds in Falmouth. I heard approximately 80-90 breweries showed up for the two tastings on Saturday, but there were still a great 40 or so remaining on Sunday. The fun part was that Sunday was pretty much all runners! Sweaty, lovable runners.

Craft Brew Races was definitely a blast for us here on Cape Cod, and I’d love to check out the other New England locations in the future! Such a cool concept to include a race event as part of an existing beer festival!

Also cool for me is the idea of taste-testing such a variety of beers. I’m not much of a beer drinker myself, but there are distinct aspects I do like when I can find them.

What was my drink of choice after finishing the Cape Cod Marathon? A margarita, of course! How ‘bout you? What is your favorite drink – alcoholic or non! – to celebrate and recover from a good, hard run?

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