The Comeback Race

Last October, I completed my very first marathon and promptly signed up for the next! I loved everything about the marathon distance. Mostly I loved the training… the three months of goal-setting, the next-level joy and meditation that comes with longer miles, and making excellent new friends who were accepting greater challenges every week as well. I ran that marathon with such gusto, high-fiving, chatting, and surprising myself by never stopping the entire way. It was an amazing first-go at 26.2!

Vermont is my second home and half of my heart, so when registration for the Vermont City Marathon opened up that week on November 1st, I was in! Almost exactly, however, I found myself in surgery for ACL reconstruction on the day my training would have officially begun. I deferred the marathon to one year later, in May 2015.

Well today, which I think is a month earlier than I expected, I received the e-mail – registration for the 2015 Vermont City Marathon is now open!!

On the one-year anniversary of my surgery, this January 23rd, I will begin the beautiful process of training for my second marathon!

As a side note, I do have this weirdly strong desire to get Marathon #2 under my belt. I’m sooo incredibly proud of running one, but I feel like I’m a “marathoner” in my blood, and that’s hard to prove – to myself and others – having only run just one. I know there will be much tougher races, faster times, slower times, and so much I haven’t experienced yet. I want it all :-)

Are you looking ahead to your spring races already? Will YOU be running Vermont City this May??

But first, fall is the most incredible time for running, and I’m happily building up for two half-marathons this October/November! I look forward to seeing where your runs take you!

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