Coffee Date

How do you take your coffee?

For me, it’s an Americano with almond milk. Soy milk is more prevalent, or I’ll take a tiny dash of dairy milk (or Baileys) if alternatives aren’t available. But I love starting with espresso, which is simply watered down for us “Americanos”.

**tip!!** We both weened off of sugars by first switching to milk instead of cream, which has more sweet lactose inside! At this point we’re using no sweeteners at all.


At home we make French press coffee, and in the summer we cold press overnight. I can drink the cold stuff black. Generally speaking, I drink coffee only about 3-4 days a week.

On the road, I’ll ALWAYS drive or walk past the chain stores in favor of local coffee roasters. No Starbucks, no Dunkin’ Donuts for me if I can help it! Likewise at home, we tend to buy Green Mountain Coffee or Beanstock Coffee. I know, I sound terrible. But I do speak Starbucks, so I promise you won’t be ashamed…

How ‘bout you? What would you be ordering if we met for “coffee”?

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