Upcoming Vermont City Marathon

It’s been a little crazy around here as I started working in the Falmouth Road Race offices while simultaneously kicking off the busy beginnings of wedding season in my photography business! Not to mention it’s now finally OUTDOOR… Read More

February Weekend

Training is going smoothly here as we head into February! I’m not really one for weekly training “progress reports”, and to be honest, I don’t read anyone else’s either. No one cares that I ran 4 miles on a… Read More

Hello, I’m a Runner

There’s a weird feeling walking into a public place without my knee brace this week. I’m having an odd sense of identity confusion. Something in me is wishing for that name tag that says “HELLO… I have a… Read More

Does it hurt? Status: 5 weeks after ACL surgery.

Inspiring the Kids

We don’t have children of our own, and that’s a choice we’re planning to stick with at this point… So this post is just about observation, not meant to be judgement. I had a conversation with my mom… Read More

Strength Ahead

“The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you,” unknown.

Cheering on friends at the Hyannis Marathon and Half! Congrats too all those finishers here on Cape Cod, and up at the race I was originally slotted for, the Half at the Hamptons in NH! My knee is… Read More

Making some signs for this weekend’s races! I have so many friends running this weekend, and I’m grateful to be here to cheer on those running the Hyannis Marathon and Half! (around mile 7/20 at Craigville Beach) Amanda,… Read More

Television Games

I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies – never have. If you ask me if I’ve seen a certain movie, you typically need to give me a 5-minute synopsis of the plot before I might remember… Read More

Coffee Date

How do you take your coffee? For me, it’s an Americano with almond milk. Soy milk is more prevalent, or I’ll take a tiny dash of dairy milk (or Baileys) if alternatives aren’t available. But I love starting… Read More