Zumba Cruise Video

Fresh from a week on the Zumba Cruise! Like I said before, I hate cruises (still do) and I had never done Zumba before, but it sure made for a hilarious getaway birthday trip with my mom! I… Read More

Going on a Zumba Cruise

going on a zumba cruise

YEP, that’s right! I haven’t told this to the Internet yet, but I’m leaving for a Zumba Cruise in the morning! A cruise. About ZUMBA. I don’t “do” cruises and I’ve never tried Zumba, but friends are placing bets… Read More

Training in Georgia

palm trees on jekyll island

I spent the first half of this week in Provincetown, and then off to Georgia for the second half! My parents are spending five months as grounds-keepers at a plantation on the “Golden Isles” coastline of southern Georgia…. Read More

Connecticut Christmas

So there’s this weird little twist of events that leaves me in Connecticut with my husband’s family all week this week – without him, and without a car. I’m happy to travel by sneakers as much as I… Read More

Vermont Dirt Roads

It’s easy for me to explain my ties to Vermont in my business – I photograph half of the year’s weddings in Vermont. We went to college in Vermont, we stayed a couple years longer, half our family… Read More

Apples in the Catskills

This past weekend I ventured off to the Catskills of New York! I was there to photograph a beautiful fall wedding, and lucky that my [photographer] friend Alicia could hop the train up from the City to join… Read More

Running in the Berkshires

We wedding photographers are in the middle of our craziest time of year right now, so forgive my slow blog posting! BUT, at the end of August, a group of us all got together at a cabin in… Read More

Rockin’ the Canadian Rockies

Still enjoying a relaxing and beautiful week in the Canadian Rockies! I did a bit of driving around today, and it made me think of the summer I was here in 2011. I’m not sure I ran at… Read More

Elevation Place

Greetings from Canmore, Alberta! I’m here outside of Banff National Park for the week to help my photographer friend Julie capture two mountain weddings! And yep, if you’ve been following along, I was just here in December to… Read More

Running the Canadian Rockies

Greetings from Canmore and Banff in Alberta, Canada! If you’ve never been, put this place on your list… I lived here for a month one summer a couple years ago, and as a wedding photographer I’m still quite… Read More