Hair of the Dog

Love this! The runner’s hair of the dog! urbanfitopia: I had the most peaceful recovery run tonight. No music or no pace watch. The park was quiet (but not eerily, horror move quiet). It was just me and… Read More

16 Excellent Miles

A 16 mile long run this morning! It was a run I’ve been dreading since completing 15 miles last weekend. Not that those were a terrible 15 miles, but it was the longest I’d ever run, and to… Read More

Running to Audiobooks

With a 15-miler behind me and a 16-miler in front of me, I decided I wanted to try running while listening to a “book-on-tape”. ‘Cept I needed a “book on iPhone”… and I needed a word for that!… Read More

What Training is All About

I’m sure training has a bit to do with building miles and endurance and strength, blah blah… that’s all pretty obvious. But what’s becoming clear to me as I embark on the marathon training process is that it’s… Read More