Nine Weeks After Surgery

Nine weeks post-op! This week has brought some great happenings in the world of ACLs! (1) I came back from Banff stronger than I left, which means I vacationed properly! I’m moving like a normal human being! Walking around,… Read More

Weird Food Habits

I’ve partaken in two of my usual – yet admittedly odd – food habits this past week… Peeling grapefruit. I want ALL the grapefruit, and nothing is more satisfying than peeling it and stuffing the full sections into… Read More

Keeping a Journal

Keeping a Journal This post isn’t necessarily about the new book I’m reading, Eat & Run, by Scott Jurek. Though I’m looking forward to it, thanks to a run club friend passing it along! It’s been on my… Read More

25 Most Grateful

25 things I am most grateful for… in no particular order: (without trying to save the world) Running, and its gradual influence on me over 20 years Dog adoption, and the dogs who’ve chosen us Finding my soul… Read More

Food Prep, Planning and Making Your Life Easier

A hearty welcome to Boston running coach Nicole on this beautiful Sunday morning! Nicole is one of my favorite Instagram friends, and I’ve been intrigued by her awesome food-prep skills every weekend. As a result, “google food prep”… Read More

Obsessive Hobbying

I am a master hobbiest. I fall in love with something, I spend all my waking hours either doing it or thinking about it, I spend my last dollar on all the gadgets and gear, and yes…. I… Read More