Afternoon at Fenway

I went up to Fenway with girlfriends to watch yesterday’s Sox game – White Sox vs. Red Sox! These are the gals I often spend my #mondaysoff with! We try to hit the beach on Mondays because we… Read More

Runner Survey: Would You Rather?

Jesica from rUnladylike recently shared her Would You Rather? survey responses, with fun running questions on what your choice would be! I thought it would be fun to take these on too! What would your answers be? 1. Would you rather… Read More

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! Why do you run? I’ve always had a hard time answering this one myself. I don’t run to lose weight or save the world. I do love being able to eat anything I want… Read More

Cold-Pressed Coffee

We’ve had a lot of house guests coming and going already this season, and one thing they have each done when they got back home was to buy a French Press coffee maker! From Danielle at Trails &… Read More

Skin Cancer Screening

May is Skin Cancer Prevention & Detection Month! I have a long history of procrastination, and getting a skin cancer screening was no exception. I actually went to a dermatologist in Boston about 10 years ago, but it… Read More

Sailing Boston

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! It’s definitely a huge weekend around here on Cape Cod, but pretty much the unofficial start to summer everywhere! I had to “work” at least a little each day, but… Read More

Health in a Cup

Sometimes smoothies seem so groundbreaking! Like, I can’t even believe how much HEALTH is in this cup of mine this morning! And I needed it after a weekend of eating out… It’s not a favorite recipe or anything… Read More

The Birds are Tweeting

It’s weird for me to say this on a blog, I know, but I’m feeling very withdrawn from social media right now. It’s a sad, sad place to be sometimes. I’ve never been one to feel that way… Read More

A Better way to Selfie!

We went up to New Hampshire for a ski weekend with my husband’s colleagues this past weekend! Such a gorgeous, sunshiney weekend to head up into the mountains! I learned a little party trick from the Innernet while… Read More

Joined the Gym!

Dusting off the cobwebs today! The photo below was taken after dumping out my bag of “December 25th” gear. December 25th was the day after I tore my ACL on a trail run, and of course it was… Read More