Choosing Not to Have Kids

My husband and I are both 38 years old (him a little more than that), and we’ve chosen not to have children. I’ve held this post for a long time now, but hearing from a friend today whose… Read More

New Year 2015

I’m pretty pumped for this new year, are you?!! I love new years (and Mondays)! A chance to start fresh! To start with a plan, and set new goals. With a new year, I also love looking back… Read More

Our Christmas Card!

instagram christmas card

Just a little peek at our family Christmas card this year! This was a folded vertical card, so what you’re looking at above is the back and the front… and the inside below is from a shadow we… Read More

Food for Thought: Running, eating, and the holidays

Food for Thought: Running, eating, and the holidays whitneyrunson: Over the course of the weekend, I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with running buddies… I love this post from whitneyrunson in Memphis! It has honestly been… Read More

Thankful Runner

I’m so thankful for a lot of things in my 38th year of life (one being that everyone thinks I’m 28!). And I’m extremely thankful I get to share this world with YOU guys! Thanks for being here… Read More

Returning to Yoga

Hope you all had a gorgeous holiday weekend! Okay, so it’s not a holiday for most of the world, but something about Christopher Columbus makes Massachusetts pretend it is… And we had a lovely one here! Saturday started… Read More


Do you have that thing that you always see? Something that’s always popping up in your life? A weird, quirky thing that probably means nothing, but causes you to pause every time? For me, that’s the number 1047…. Read More

One Year Blogiversary!

Happy 1-Year Cape Cod Runner!! I can’t even believe that today marks one year of blogging here at! Thank you all SO much for being here!

Juice is Happening

So I didn’t really mean to, but I think I’m juice-cleansing this week! It all started on a rainy Wednesday when I buckled down at the computer to do some photo editing. I like to have something else… Read More

Afternoon at Fenway

I went up to Fenway with girlfriends to watch yesterday’s Sox game – White Sox vs. Red Sox! These are the gals I often spend my #mondaysoff with! We try to hit the beach on Mondays because we… Read More