The Day of Surgery

It’s Saturday morning on the couch, and I figured I’m feeling well enough to share a bit about my day of surgery on Thursday! As I wrote in the last post, my range of motion at Monday’s appointment… Read More

Before Surgery

So I’ve been torn felt weird about blogging since tearing my ACL a month ago – thus rendering myself a non-runner for at least the four months following. I love the running community SO much, and I love… Read More

New Year, New Strength

Happy New Year!! This morning we stuck to our plans for a wonderful group trail run! I wasn’t able to run, of course, but it was important to me to show up – both physically and mentally. My… Read More

Running for Real in 2013

I’m fairly new to the online running community this year, but it’s exciting to see so many year-end recaps and new-year goal posts across the blogosphere! I’m proud to be surrounded by such an active and inspiring group… Read More

Run Streak Continues!

So I was cruising on in to the finish of the Runner’s World Run Streak before my injury… I managed to run at least a mile per day even while traveling in the cold, snowy mountains of Alberta,… Read More

It’s all fun and games until…

…Someone gets hurt! Yep, you probably saw by now, but I’m laid up with a bum knee since Christmas Eve. I returned from the Canadian Rockies at midnight the night before, and was excited for our group trail… Read More

Icing the Knee

Working through some knee issues this past July – the quintessential “runner’s knee” that affects many of us! After chatting with a couple of PT friends, I’ve been strengthening my inner quads in the meantime and feeling much… Read More