Trail Runs are Back!

I’m so excited to share that our group trail runs are BACK!

I tore my ACL on one of these trail runs back on Christmas Eve – and thank goodness I was with a great group of friends! But sadly, the group sorta dwindled without my participation (read: jumping up and down and waving all over Facebook). So now it’s five months later and time to get things moving again!

We’re planning to meet every Saturday at 8:30am, at Long Pond in Falmouth, MA! Starting this weekend, June 7th!

Every level is welcome, and anyone who’s just visiting the Cape on vacation too! This is about a 3.5 mile loop, so you can take it at any pace. We also love to tailgate a bit after with some morning beverages and snacks!

Join the Cape Trail Runners Facebook page to follow along with more updates!

One Comment on “Trail Runs are Back!

  1. Hi,
    Wondering if there is a good trial run near me
    ? Cliff pond trail in Brewster
    ? Worth the drive for me
    Thank you!!!

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