Such an AMAZING group out with us this morning for a trail run!!

It was a gorgeous, sunny 45ish degrees on Long Pond in Falmouth. There were 20 of us total for this first-ever group trail run, and I think – and hope! – we all are excited to do it again soon!

Trail running is something that many of us don’t love to go out and do alone. It can be dangerous in terms of other people, animals, or simply getting hurt out in the woods by yourself. So what better way than inviting everyone else to join in?!

I think Crystal and I have been looking forward to something like this since our official marathon training was complete. We’ll be planning more group trail runs on a minimum every-other-week basis this winter – and ALL are invited! Keep your eyes peeled on the Cape Cod Runner Facebook page for new events!

Thanks to everyone for the incredible turnout today!! Awesome to meet each and every one of these guys :-) More photos can be found HERE!

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