Cape Cod 2014

This weekend was the Cape Cod Marathon, Half & Relay, in Falmouth, MA.

The Half. I originally chose to focus my fall on the Philly Half Marathon in November, but the truth is, this Saturday was my first half-marathon back after ACL surgery! It really did mean something to me, perhaps a little more than I expected. A year ago, this was my first ever marathon, and the last year has required monumental amounts of work to get back to where I am. I was definitely overcome with emotion when I turned my car off in the parking lot at 7am.


I wanted this race to go well, and I’d been holding off on some race registrations until I knew my knee could handle the distance again. Funny thing was, immediately after my recent blog post describing pains, everything has been feeling really great! But I wanted to make it through the actual half-marathon distance and be sure.

For the first 9 miles of the race, all I could think of was the phrase “just kidding”. Like I’m JUST KIDDING, I don’t really want to run this race!! Did not. At all. 

I thought of some other things too:

  • Maybe I’m just not a long-distance runner any more.
  • The innernet’s expecting me to finish this race.
  • I wonder if I can somehow NOT sync this one from my Garmin so no one will see my splits.
  • Shouldn’t this whole “come back” thing be feeding me more stamina?
  • Last year I ran double this mileage.

Miles 10-11 definitely went better and I actually forgot that I was running for some of this time. Just chillin’ out, enjoying the scenes and nearby run-conversations. But then I remembered I was in my highest miles of the year and had to suck it up for the last two miles. Ugh.


I was still my usual run-self, though – high-fiving the kids, snuggling Run Jen Run’s new puppy, snapping photos of the views, tormenting a driver who was speeding through the course, and giving a huge hug to the volunteer at Mile 12 (she’d been cheering SO wonderfully loud since we passed her at Mile 1). Most important is to have FUN, right? So I was determined to continue doing that in spite of my mind’s stories.


My finish time was 2:08:28 (my bib# was 228, oddly enough!). I don’t know all the half-marathons I’ve ever run, but I’m pretty sure that’s one of my slowest times. It’s not a bad time at all, and as I said before, I wasn’t racing. But the fact is that I mentally felt horrible and my paces increased by 10-15 seconds each mile.

What IS important, though, is that I physically felt great, and proceeded to get up and run 3 miles of the relay the next morning! The knee passed the test, and I registered for two more races Sunday evening (join me for the Martha’s Vineyard 20-Miler in February)! HOORAY!


Switched from Mizuno WaveRider 17s in the half marathon, to Hoka OneOne Cliftons for the relay. More importantly, I was looking forward to rockin’ the day in sweats on Sunday!

The Relay on Sunday was a blast, as always! I must have at least 5 other shirts from this relay over the years, and I always run it with my husband’s colleagues, who have long become friends. I ran the very first leg because it was the shortest, and I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling after 13.1, but mentally I was WAY happier on Sunday! The weather was perfect, the runners were pumped, and I seriously contemplated how horrible it would be for me to run a whole 26.2! I didn’t ;-) But what a great, inspiring day!

Social Media. As the person handling social media for the marathon events all weekend, I took advantage of the rest of my relay day by snapping photos of all the fun groups and marathoners! On Saturday after the half, I also went back to the runners expo and did the same – meeting lots of great people and learning more about their products. It was really incredible to have this role and be part of something even bigger for an event I love!

Every time I responded back to someone via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it made me smile. It always means so much to me when a brand communicates back, and I was honored to be that “brand” this weekend!


The whole weekend was a blast! Since I’m done photographing weddings for the year, I logged in as @capecodrunner (and @capecodmarathon of course) on all the medias and never turned back. And I couldn’t be more excited to do the same this Friday when I head down to cheer on the New York City Marathon with friends!

Did you run Cape Cod or Marine Corps this weekend? CONGRATS! Do you have pals you can sit around with and just talk RUNNING for hours? I love those pals!

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